King Saud bin Abdulaziz University for Health Sciences
جامعة الملك سعود بن عبدالعزيز للعلوم الصحية
Student Research Board Beta

Student Research Board (SRB)

SRB was established to promote and support student research at KSAU-HS. This is achieved through:

  • Promotion of university students' research in all Colleges.
  • To suggest research topics for students in coordination with faculty of different specialties.
  • To create a database for faculty staff who are capable of student research supervision.
  • To facilitate student research, their conduct, analysis, presentations and publications.
  • To organize annual Student Research Meeting.
  • To recommend student research projects to be presented regionally, nationally, or internationally.
  • To create a database of all university students research achievements.

Student Research Board Members

  • Prof. Ali Hajeer, Professor, COM·R & Assistant Dean, Riyadh Clinical Simulation Center, COM-R, KSAU-HS (Chairman)
  • Dr. Suleiman AI Queflie, Dean, Deanship of Student Affairs, KSAU-HS (Co-Chair)
  • Dr. Bader Al Muqbil, Associate Dean, Deanship of Student Affairs (DSA), KSAU-HS
  • Dr. Wafa AI Suwairi, Associate Dean, COM-R-F
  • Dr. Nesrin AI Harthy, Associate Dean, Academic & Student Affairs, COAMS-R, KSAU-HS
  • Dr. Sameera AI Johani, Associate Dean, COSHP-R, KSAU-HS
  • Dr. Talal AI Harbi, Associate Dean, Academic Affairs, COSHP-R, KSAU-HS
  • Dr. Thilagavathy Ganapathy, Chairperson, CON-A, KSAU-HS
  • Dr. Mai AI Ajaji, Assistant Dean, Female Branch, COP-R, KSAU-HS
  • Dr. Mohammed AI Dubayee, Assistant Dean, Offke of Research, CPHHI-R
  • Dr. Ahmed Subahi, Assistant Dean, Academic Affairs, UPPP-J
  • Prof. Aiman Obaidat, Chairman, Student Research Unit, COP, KSAU-HS
  • Dr. Saleh Bin Saleh, Chairman, Department of Medicine, KAMC-R
  • Dr. Yaseen Arabi, Chairman, Department of Intensive Care, KAMC-R
  • Dr. Ali AI Farhan, Deputy Executive Director, Department of Family Medicine, KAMC·R
  • Dr. Abdulaziz AI Ajlan, Chairman, Department of Pathology, KAMC-R
  • Dr. Bayan Obeidat, Program Director, Clinical Nutrition, COAMS-A
  • Dr. Ala AI Thubaiti, Associate Professor, COM-R
  • Dr. Aiman AI Hazmi, Assistant Professor, COSHP-R, KSAU-HS
  • Dr. Emad Masoudi, Assistant Professor, COM-R, KSAU-HS
  • Dr. Wafa El Arousy, Assistant Professor, CON-J
  • Dr. Khalid AI Shamrani, Assistant Professor, COAMS-J
  • Dr. Bader Khawaji, Assistant Professor, COM-J
  • Dr. Moudi AI Bargawi, Assistant Professor, CON-R
  • Dr. Shereen Jamalalddin, Assistant Professor, UPPP-J
  • Dr. Lubna AI Kadi, Assistant Professor, COD-R
  • Dr. Abdulmohsen AI Fadley, Assistant Professor, COD-R
  • Dr. Wafa AI Saleh, Assistant Professor, UPPP-A
  • Dr. Maaged AI Akiel, Assistant Professor, COAMS-R, KSAU-HS
  • Dr. Aamir Omair, Lecturer, COM-R, KSAU-HS
  • Faisal Almalik, Student Research Club- Riyadh, KSAU-HS
  • Shahad Muagel, Student Research Club- Riyadh, KSAU-HS
  • Farah Bakhamis, Student Research Club- Jeddah, KSAU-HS
  • Bader Shirah, Student Research Club- Jeddah, KSAU-HS